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The VHF Two-Year Subtle Energy Practitioner ™ Course

Subtle Energy Medicine is about using considerable skills to support others in regard to the inevitable challenges they encounter on their life path. For the practitioner it also represents a journey towards an ever more enlightened way of being as well as increasing insights of who we truly are, why we are here and what our existence is about.

Virtually all those who attend our training programmes, feel that a whole new world opens up for them though the insights and practical skills that are gained over the years. This is not least because we are all part of a highly complex energy system but also because our own energetic makeup is equally intricate.

The world and everything and everyone in it, can indeed be viewed as energy and to translate this fact into enhancing one’s life and helping others to do the same is both challenging and exciting. Those who can take this on board never look back.

A large part of the diploma course is devoted to the subject of crystals because they are such powerful tools! An in-depth understanding of their energies in both theory and practice is therefore essential in order to be able to use them responsibly and effectively.

Apart from reaching a considerable amount of expertise in a number of healing arts, participants also experience profound levels of inner development and personal growth on this course. It is therefore a serious undertaking, and this is the reason we ask potential students to come for an interview before booking.

The whole training programme can be attended in addition to one’s job, career and responsibilities of family life, and requires a few hours a week of ‘home study’ on a regular basis. This includes meditation, reading, written work and practice.

After successful completion the participant is issued with a qualification as a subtle energy medicine practitioner™ and a diploma in both crystal and energy healing.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to book a place on one of the courses please contact us here.

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