Healing Courses


The VHF offers a range of courses. For taster courses please visit subtle life dynamics.

The VHF Teacher Training Course

Teaching healing, inner development or other energy subjects is very different from teaching more conventional ones and therefore an ‘orthodox’ teaching qualification is not really sufficient for those who wish to embark on facilitating workshops on the healing arts or similar topics.

Although subjects on this teacher training course are discussed in theory, the accent is, as in all esoteric training, on practical experience. Some of the subjects included are:

  • How to prepare yourself and the environment for teaching energy work
  • The responsibilities and pitfalls of teaching any form of healing and related subjects
  • How to hold the energies of a group of intuitive students & group dynamics
  • Recognising & dealing with difficult situations
  • How to create a workshop plan and be flexible
  • Opening & closing of days and how to conduct meditations
  • Protection issues

The course is open to second year students and graduates of the VHF, graduates of all FSEM schools and qualified spiritual, vibrational or other energy healers who have completed a minimum of 2 years training. The course consists of 10 days, divided into two parts of three days and two weekends and is accredited by the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.

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