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About Us

VHF has been facilitating courses for nearly twenty years during which time it has gained considerable knowledge and practical experience. As a result it now offers a unique four year programme to those who wish to gain specialist skills in the healing arts and enjoy the related insights and positive life changes.

VHF is regarded as an international school since, apart from English, there are at present American, Australian, Belgian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, New Zealand, Polish, Portuguese, Scottish, Swedish, Swiss, Turkish and Welsh students and graduates.

They also come from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and professions such as artists, musicians, models, accountants, business professionals, bankers, bookkeepers, academics, lawyers, teachers, medical professionals, nurses, alternative and complementary therapists, social workers, astrologers, counsellors, stay at home mothers or fathers and many more.

The VHF is 100% committed to its work, students and graduates, and keeping up and improving upon essential standards. It also is ensuring that fundamental skills and insights are preserved. VHF believes that subtle energy medicine has a large part to play in the non-too distant future, provided practitioners have the necessary expertise to do their work and training schools the required depth of knowledge and experience.

Who We Are

VHF Principal

Henriette Maasdijk FMVHF.SEMS™, MFSEM, Mast, Cert Ed

Henriette is a VHF founder as well as a full member of and consultant to several healing organisations. She has taught throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe for over 20 years, leading diploma courses and workshops on subtle energy medicine subjects and inner development. She has always had a keen interest in the so called unknown and a great love and respect for the beauty and power of crystals. She believes that inner development and healing are the key to a life of joy, empowerment and fulfilment.


Sandra Pepper MVHF, MFSEM, RAD, RTS Dip

Sandra is a Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner, workshop leader and founder of the Crystal Light School of Healing. She teaches the first year of the VHF diploma and also facilitates workshops on a variety of subjects including crystal meditation evenings.

Andrea Webb O.S.Dip.C.th, MVHF.SEMS™, MFSEM

Andrea is a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist), colour therapist, workshop leader and founder member of Andrea Webb’s Healing Centre.  She also teaches the first year of the VHF diploma course.  She runs meditation classes, development classes and workshops on a variety of subjects including crystals and colour.

Kate Nicholls MVHF, MFSEM, NNEB

Kate has worked in the field of Subtle Energy Medicine and Complementary Therapies for well over ten years and is a highly experienced practitioner. In addition to the first year of the VHF diploma course, Kate facilitates meditation classes and workshops on healing and related subjects.



Gareth works closely with the VHF and is the founder of Energy Medicine International (EMI). He also is chairman of the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine and acts as its conventional medicine coordinator and exam assessor. His graduates are eligible to enter the VHF specialist training programme in subtle energy medicine.

Julia Marafie FFSSW, MVHF, MFSEM

Julia is a subtle energy medicine practitioner™, has a diploma in Theosophy and has been involved in the fields of healing and sacred wisdom for over 30 years. She runs regular crystal meditation evenings and a variety of workshops in East Sussex and is the founder of Foundational Studies in Sacred Wisdom.

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