Healing Courses

VHF Courses Overview

The VHF offers a range of courses. For taster courses and workshops, please visit subtle life dynamics.

The VHF Two-Year Subtle Energy Practitioner ™ Course

This course is for those who wish to obtain a recognised qualification and work professionally in the field of subtle energy medicine which includes both crystal and energy healing. In addition to this, a solid working knowledge on how to use sound, colour and flowers in combination with healing are incorporated into the syllabus. Inner development, sacred geometry and many other subjects also form part of this comprehensive programme. Those who have attended shorter courses and who wish to extend their knowledge and experience will also find this course useful. The course consist of 14 weekends facilitated over a period of two years. The next course begins 9th November 2019. Find out more…

Ocean Jasper Crystal

The VHF Post Graduate Subtle Energy Specialist™ Course

Two further years of postgraduate tuition, consisting of a further 14 weekends, are available to practitioners leading to the specialist qualification. The programme may be completed in stages and leads to a number of additional qualifications. Upon successful completion, a subtle energy medicine specialist™ qualification is issued. Find out more…

The VHF Teacher Training Course

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This course is for those who want to teach workshops or courses in any form of energy healing or similar subjects in a safe, effective and responsible manner. It is the energetic equivalent of an ordinary teacher training course and all subjects are covered from a healer friendly point of view. Find out more…

There are also a number of postgraduate weekends available for qualified healers. Contact us for more information.

All courses have been designed to encourage recognition and development of the unique abilities and talents of the individual. VHF tutors are fully committed to guide those who wish to explore and develop their healing gifts with care, integrity and responsibility. They all are fully qualified and have had many years of experience.