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Evolution of VHF Courses

Many people have enquired as to why the VHF is currently issuing graduates with a practitioner certificate in subtle energy medicine in addition to the VHF diploma in crystal and energy healing. When the VHF crystal and energy healing courses started in 1996, the information about the bio-magnetic field (aura) and the systems that are situated within it was mainly theoretic and not all that detailed. Techniques were often taught as a set format and the information about the use of crystals was often generalised.

Due to insights and experience gained over the years, we started to focus more on the fact that everything, including us, is made up of energy and what we perceive as the physical world is actually a sea of energy that vibrates on different levels. Looking at a person as a complex being of energy that is hugely affected by the energies that surrounds it as well as the energies it generates, became increasingly important. The understanding of how the energy of crystals can affect us on such levels and what occurs when we channel energies also became a greater part of the crystal and energy healing courses.

Our emotional and thought processes are contained within our aura and can be perceived as energies. Views, ideals and experiences are all processed in the energy field and past issues are contained in our subconscious, which also form part of it. As we all know, there are pleasant and unpleasant emotions, thoughts and memories and all have their own particular energy. When everything in our life is more or less OK, the auric field will be in balance, when, however, issues are amiss, these show up as blockages.

A competent energy healer is able to assess a human being’s auric field and then channel natural healing energies that can help to restore balance. A competent crystal healer can use appropriate crystals to help shape and focus such energies, which makes it a more specialised therapy. All healers must take good care of their own energy field in order to avoid taking on board unhelpful energies from others or projecting their own issues, which is the reason that the crystal and energy healing courses started to incorporate more intricate healer development and personal awareness of the whole subject of subtle energies. We also started to use other tools such as flowers, flower remedies, sound and colour to appropriate levels.

Over the years, the popular media and internet have often been portraying crystals as being able to cure symptoms or ill health and the true knowledge of how they are used seems to have been lost. There is also the notion that it is very easy to learn about and practice crystal healing. In our view this is a huge misconception because it does take time and experience to be able to look at someone as a being of energy, to assess where there may be disruptions and then to use the energy of crystals and other tools effectively.

It is impossible to use a set format or to state which crystals can be helpful for certain conditions in view of the simple fact that we are all different. There is not one other human being in the world who has the same energetic make up as our own, and in addition to this fact, our energy field is in constant motion since every thought, emotion and experience has an effect on it as has the energies of others and the world around us.

We have added the practitioner certificate in subtle energy medicine to our crystal healing and energy healing course diploma, because our graduates are working to a significant level of expertise in regard to subtle energies. They are also able to apply this expertise to their own life. Some healers take several years to integrate everything; others join the further training that leads to a specialist qualification. There is no hurry and the benefits speak for themselves.

We hope that one day everyone will be able to perceive him/herself as beings of energy in a world of energy. It will enable one to have more mastery over one’s own existence and also to better deal with life’s inevitable challenges, stresses and issues.

This will then lead to more harmony, health and wellbeing for all. In the meantime The VHF will continue with its subtle energy medicine courses that include of course crystal and energy healing as well!