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NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that text from the VHF has been plagiarised. Text has also frequently been distorted, taken out of context and added to inappropriately. Those who have permission to use text, clearly cite the VHF as a source and have been given expressed consent thereby ensuring integrity of information is maintained.

The VHF aims to answer some questions you may have as well as offer some guidance on what to look for when deciding to undertake a qualification in Subtle Energy Therapies.

Many schools, including VHF, state that they teach to the highest standard, which is a fair comment, but does not really help a prospective student decide which course to undertake. This is why we would like to describe in more detail what the VHF course is about, what students can expect and what VHF is aiming to achieve, in addition to the other information available.

What about standards and accreditation?

Most crystal and energy healing umbrella organisations display the overall minimum standards on their websites, so it may be worthwhile to research this when you are looking to commit to lengthy training in these subjects. The VHF is a member of the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM), which is a member of Subtle Health International (SHI). Please also refer to the 'FSEM student guide to healer training’ on the FSEM website and to the Standards and Accreditation on this site.

How much work is involved in the VHF diploma course?

The diploma course is an intense and comprehensive course and therefore demanding. In addition to the weekends of tuition, there is a fair amount of home study that consists of both written and practical work. If one includes reading, meditation, work with crystals, practical sessions, case studies, written assignments and preparing a portfolio. The whole training programme can be attended in addition to one’s job, career and responsibilities of family life, provided one sets aside a few hours a week on a regular basis.

What about inner development?

When one gains a greater awareness of the world of energy, including an ever more profound understanding of oneself on subtle levels, this opens up a much broader outlook on life in general. Although highly empowering it also has its stumbling blocks. Healer development, in our view, is often quite challenging since it involves dealing with the more difficult aspects of oneself that often emerge during such training. Increased awareness and knowledge also brings increased responsibility for one’s actions and the effects these have on others and the collective. For most individuals healing and inner development is an ongoing and life changing process. If this concept is new to you, please ask for more clarification when you come for an interview.

Does everyone graduate?

During the last 20 years we have had many students and although most of these did graduate, not everyone managed to do so. Sometimes this was due to unavoidable family or personal life circumstances not relating to the course. In most other cases, the main reason was an underestimating of the work and commitment involved and therefore lagging behind to a point where it became impossible to catch up. Having had feedback from many students and healers, we feel we can accurately state that the VHF course is one that contains more in-depth energy and development work than most. We therefore must state (and repeat) that it is a life changing course.

Why would you want to do the VHF course?

Apart from wanting to be a healer, either for self-interest/development or in order to help others, you would have some or all of the following qualities:

  • Being prepared to give time and effort to such a comprehensive course
  • A certain degree of sensitivity
  • A certain degree of compassion
  • An interest in the worlds of subtle energy
  • An interest in and appreciation for crystals
  • A profound interest in self-awareness and mastery
  • An interest in helping others to reach their own state of optimum well-being

If I am already working as a healer, is this course suitable?

Quite a number of Reiki, Shamanic or Spiritual/Energy Healers have attended the VHF courses. Although a few of the subjects were familiar to them, all felt these were presented from a more comprehensive angle. For some of the more experienced healers the course involved less practical work in regard to energy healing.

If I am new to healing, is this course suitable?

Although not a necessary prerequisite, those who are completely new to healing or the concept of energy work are advised to attend a workshop or short course on healing or meditation and read a number of books. The home study could also involve a little more time for the newcomer. If you are new to all of this, please ask for more clarification when you come for an interview.

We have tried to present the VHF course, and what it involves, as clearly as possible in order to help prospective students make the right decision. We would also like to state that we welcome any questions about it and express that VHF is fully committed to its students and Light work.

For further details, do have a look at the FSEM guide to healer training on www.subtlehealth.org and if you have any questions, please contact the VHF directly.