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Bach Flower Remedies

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This healing service is for those who feel out of sorts in any way; who need energetic support in regard to challenges, change or stressful life experiences; who may need an energetic boost; who are recovering form health or other testing issues or who just want to benefit from one of the therapies for any other reason.

The following therapies are available:

Subtle Energy Medicine

This form of healing focusses on the electromagnetic field around the body, also known as the aura, which consists of several layers and contains a number of further energy systems. This field relates to all our life experiences, including our overall health and wellbeing, memories and mental and emotional makeup. Anything amiss will show up as blockages, flaws or weaknesses in a client’s aura, which a healer then aims to bring back into balance by introducing natural healing energies where needed. Tools such as crystals, Bach flower remedies, flowers, colour and/or sound are also used as and when appropriate. This therapy can also be viewed as a more comprehensive form of crystal and energy healing.

Stress Healing

This is a specialised form of subtle energy medicine where the focus is on the easing and release of built up tensions and giving clients a number of appropriate self-help techniques. It is mainly for those who have been and/or are experiencing a period of more than average stress and tension in their life and who are adversely affected by this increasingly common problem. Stress healing is a program of four separate sessions. At times, when issues are minor, one session may be sufficient.

Bush Flower Remedies

One of the practitioners at the service also uses Bush Flower Remedies in combination with subtle energy medicine. These flower remedies originate from Australia and are used to help address negative emotional and mental states that are often the cause of health issues. All subtle energy medicine specialists™ are qualified Bach Flower Remedies practitioners but only a few are also qualified in the Bush Flower Remedies which is why this therapy is mentioned separately. Should you specifically wish Bush Flower Remedies to be included with your session, please mention this prior to booking.


All sessions last approximately one hour and fees are £65. The full stress healing program (4 sessions) is reduced to £220 when paid in advance.

Further Information

Practitioners at the healing service are all subtle energy medicine specialists™ which means they have completed more than four years of training in their field. Please note that subtle energy therapies do not deal directly with physical illness, signs or symptoms and are complementary to both alternative and conventional medicine.

To book an appointment or find out more, please contact us.