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A Brief History of VHF


The Vibrational Healing Foundation (VHF) was formed in 1996 by a group of highly experienced healers and teachers in the field of complementary medicine.


The VHF co-founded the Crystal & Healing Federation (CHF), now known as the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM). The aim of the umbrella being to uphold and maintain the highest standards of training in the therapies it accredits and represents. An additional aim was to improve the reputation of these therapies by providing the best possible standards of professional practice for the public and in the conventional health care setting.


The British Crystal Healers, a lead body for crystal healing in the UK was established. Having considerably updated standards in 2011, it is now known as Subtle Health International (SHI), the lead body for the subtle energy therapies accredited by FSEM.


The VHF brings its highly successful 2 year Diploma Course to Northern Ireland.


The VHF is invited to the sit on the advisory panel of The Association of Registered Complementary Heath Therapists of Ireland (ARCHTI) the umbrella association for complementary health therapists from all over Ireland.

2007 Rose Quartz Day

The VHF led an event that took place in Derry/Londonderry with the aim to help anchor Light and Harmony for the whole of Ireland. 22 Huge Rose Quartz crystals were tuned for this by a group of over 30 healers and distributed throughout the country.

2010 Amethyst Weekend

The VHF led a weekend of intense Healing and Light work in County Wicklow. Massive ordinary stones, one for each county and one for each province were mounted with Amethyst points and tuned by 50 healers to help integrate more Light throughout the land after which they were redistributed.


Due to considerable experience gained over the years VHF is now able to offer a further two-year structured training programme for its graduates leading to a specialist qualification and is currently the first school to do so in the field of subtle energy medicine. A fifth year that may be attended as CPD is also available.


The CHF, co-founded by the VHF in 1998, changes its name to the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM). For further information please visit www.subtlehealth.org. VHF is continuing its work in the UK and Ireland.