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Welcome to the Vibrational Healing Foundation

The VHF, formed in 1996, offers expert training in healing and inner development. In the ancient wisdom schools the dictum ‘man know thyself’ conveyed best what such training represents, nowadays it comes under the term subtle energy medicine.

Subtle energy medicine can be viewed as an expanded form of both crystal and energy healing. It is about the exploration of ourselves as complex beings of energy, existing in a world of energy, and how this relates to our life, health and wellbeing. It is also about being able to support others when they need it using crystals and other healing tools as and when appropriate. Such an undertaking is an ongoing process because it is also a path towards what is termed enlightenment.

candle quartz crystal

Apart from the two year (part time) practitioner course in Subtle Energy Medicine, VHF is the first and currently only school that offers a further two year training programme that leads to a qualification as a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™. Each year consists of 7 weekends of tutor led tuition and can therefore be incorporated with ease in everyday life.

What VHF graduates and students have in common is a genuine interest in the healing arts, a love for crystals, a passion to delve into ‘life’s mysteries’, and a desire to help others by being able to practice in a highly skilled, effective, responsible and sensitive manner.

VHF also offers a Teacher Training course for those who wish to facilitate workshops and a healing service for those who wish to benefit from any of the therapies on offer.

Collaboration with Energy Medicine International (EMI)

The VHF and the EMI have set up a collaborative project called Subtle Life Dynamics, the purpose of which is to bring practical awareness to the public about subtle energies and how these influence and affect everyday life. Short courses and workshops are available that are suitable for a wide variety of people. For further information please look at our Subtle Life Dynamics page.


For information on workshops, please click here.