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Crystals & Healing for Everyone

Crystals & Healing for Everyone Book

Crystals and Healing for Everyone is a practical beginners guide on how to choose and care for your crystals, tune them and apply them for self-healing. Explanations are given on how and why we react to crystals and a list outlines the specific healing quality and vibration inherent in a variety of crystals.

Crystals and Gemstones have been used in healing for thousands of years. As the ancient knowledge of these powerful healing tools comes to light in the modern world, there is the opportunity for everyone to incorporate this into their everyday life.

If you wear jewellery everyday or if you have ever bought a crystal that you just knew you had to have, this is the book for you. Henriette Maasdijk, principal of the Vibrational Healing Foundation, presents techniques on how to choose and care for your crystals, tune them and use them for self-healing. Easy to read, the text offers information for those who wish to discover more about the healing properties of their jewellery and gemstones.

The book has been updated to a second edition and is now available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback format.

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Relaxation for Everyday Life

Relaxation for Everyday Life CD

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