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Standards, Qualifications & Accreditation


VHF standards for the two year subtle energy medicine diploma course consist of 180 hours of tutor led tuition. This translates into 14 weekends (28 days), spread over a period of two years. This number of hours includes the agreed FSEM (Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine) training standards and core curriculum. VHF tutors must also meet the criteria concerning teaching standards.

A further 180 hours of tuition and practice is now also available for graduates who wish to take their work further and this leads to a specialist qualification in subtle energy medicine.

All in all the specialist in this field will have completed more than 4 years of intensive training (over a period of five or more years) and obtained much practical experience.

After this there is also one further year of structured CPD training available. In our view and experience this represents the best possible standard that are currently available.

Standards for the teacher training consist of more than 60 hours of tutor led tuition which translates into 6 weekends (12 days). This course is open to those who have the relevant experience in subtle energy therapies.


The VHF Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner™ qualification also includes a diploma in both crystal and energy healing.

The VHF Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™ qualification includes advanced crystal and energy healing work; a Bach Flower Remedy diploma that includes in-depth subtle energy work; a 6 weekend advanced inner development course; a stress healing programme; working with those who suffer from addiction and facilitating healing in a hospital or similar environment.

Upon successful completion practitioners gain official recognition that they are qualified and registered with the VHF as a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™. They will obtain a registered number and may place the SEMS™ logo on their website and the letters MVHF.SEMS™ after their name.

The Teacher Training Diploma is fully accredited by the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.


VHF is a founder member of the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM) which is an accrediting umbrella for subtle energy therapy schools and also regulates its practitioner membership. FSEM is a member of Subtle Health International (SHI) a lead body for the healing arts and inner development.

VHF graduates can apply for FSEM membership and be included on the register. The VHF is also a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and graduates can apply for BCMA membership. The Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland (ARCHTI) also approves the VHF diploma courses and graduates may join this organisation if they wish.