Subtle Life Dynamics

Subtle Life Dynamics

Crystals and Subtle Energy

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This course will take you on a journey into the world of crystals and subtle energy, introducing you to methods and techniques to create a more enriching and inspiring way of life.

Crystals form a large part of this course, and you will learn the fundamentals of using these powerful tools for self-healing and within your daily life.

The course consists of three weekends, and some of the many subjects included are:

Amethyst Crystal
  • Grounding, clearing and strengthening your personal energies
  • The human energy field and the systems within it (elementary)
  • How to avoid being manipulated, negatively affected or drained by others
  • Creating and manifesting your reality with subtle energy
  • The use of crystals, colour, sound and flowers for enhancing your personal energies
  • Changing unwanted patterns and habits with more ease
  • Clearing and improving your living and/or work environment
  • Letting go of, or mending, difficult relationships
  • Linking to and working with light energies, Angels, devas and nature spirits

Much of the course will be experiential, with meditation, visualisation, energy sensing exercises and healing work, to ensure participants have the opportunity to practice what is discussed.

The course provides valuable know-how for everyone, as well as a means to becoming more confident, empowered and self-reliant through gaining essential knowledge and practical experience of one’s personal and other subtle energies. It is aimed at both newcomers and those more experienced alike.

This course also provides a sound basis for those who are interested in professional training. It counts towards the first two weekends of the two-year diploma course in subtle energy medicine, as taught by FSEM Schools.

Days are from 10am to 4pm.

The venue is the Solas School of Complementary Therapies, Perivale, London.

Cost is £150 per weekend

For further information or to book, please contact us and you will be sent a form.

Subtle Life Dynamics Introduction

Subtle Life Dynamics offers short courses and workshops for personal interest in regard to how an awareness of subtle energies can enhance one’s life considerably.

Taking more control of one’s life; being less affected by unpleasantness or negativity; being able to respond to life’s inevitable challenges rather than feeling helpless, reactionary or victimised are only some of the advantages of a more extensive energetic awareness of oneself and others.

Amethyst Crystal and a Flower

Feeling less drained by others; being more effective in practice or work; manifesting one’s ideas with more ease; creating more joy and harmony for oneself are other benefits of being able to detect and respond to the hidden energies of life.

Meditation classes, well-being groups for those who wish to learn about self-healing, inner development courses, CPD for health care professionals as well as a healing service are available.

Courses consists of two separate parts of four days (alternatively this can be two weekends or ten evenings). Some may find the first part sufficient in order to make the necessary adjustments to improve general wellbeing. Others may find the experience so utterly life changing that they wish to continue.

Courses are facilitated by Henriette Maasdijk, in both London and Ireland.

Injustice & Betrayal Workshop

Virtually all of us have experienced incidences of betrayal and/or injustice and found it difficult to come to terms with this. Feelings of anger, sadness and hurt are potent and even if turned into mere memories, they can still affect one in a negative sense years later, especially if they are triggered by similar patterns raising their ugly heads again!

This workshop is for those who are interested in a number of insights, tools, techniques and healing to help clear and deal with any such persistent cobwebs that may still lurk about. It has been designed for healers and will therefore be fairly intense. In addition to other work, a few advanced healing sessions with the use of crystals, colour, flower remedies and sound, as well as several profound meditations will form part of the weekend.

This weekend workshop runs yearly

For further information or to book, please contact us and you will be sent a form.