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The VHF Post Graduate Subtle Energy Specialist™ Course

The specialist programme includes a 6 weekend advanced development course relating to our subtle energetic makeup; a Bach Flower Remedy diploma that includes in-depth energy work; an advanced crystal and energy course that includes a stress healing programme; a module on how to work with those who suffer from addiction, and a module on facilitating healing in a hospital or similar environment.

Bach Flower Remedies

Those who have successfully completed the programme gain official recognition that they are qualified and registered with the VHF as a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™. They will obtain a registered number and may place the SEMS™ logo on their site and the letters MVHF.SEMS after their name.

All specialists have completed more than 4 years of in-depth training and practical experience and healers who have done this amount of work in the field are highly competent and can be considered specialists in subtle energy medicine. In our view such dedication, expertise and practical skill is what makes subtle energy medicine to specialist level a highly valuable and effective therapy that deserves the same respect and any other specialist qualification.

There is also an additional structured programme in place, representing a fifth year of tuition which can be attended in stages and used as CPD.

Entry requirements for the specialist training are diploma level graduation from the VHF or Energy Medicine International (EMI). This is because both schools work to equivalent levels. For graduates from a number of other FSEM schools who wish to do this training, there is a bridging course available.

For more information about the course, please ask for an overview and if interested contact us to make an appointment to come for a chat.

Please note: the next Bach Flower Diploma Course begins on 9th February 2019, and is now fully booked.

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