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VHF Principal

Henriette Maasdijk FMVHF.SEMS™, MFSEM, Mast, Cert Ed

Henriette is a VHF founder as well as a full member of several healing organizations. She has taught throughout the UK, Ireland and in Europe for over 20 years, leading Diploma courses and workshops on healing and related subjects. Her specialities include the uses of crystals, flowers and flower remedies in healing as well as advanced energy work and spiritual development. She has also done the Certificate of Education and is a qualified NVQ Assessor. She also is on the ARCHTI advisory panel concerning crystal and energy healing standards. Henriette is of Dutch origin and speaks several languages fluently.

Tutors & Associates living in Ireland

The following tutors facilitate the first weekend of the VHF diploma course in subtle energy medicine.

Anne Meehan MVHF, MFSEM

Anne is a Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner and Reflexologist, and facilitates meditation groups and personal development courses. She is founder of the Solas Holistic Healing School and will be running crystal and energy healing diploma courses in the near future.


Emma runs a variety of workshops on healing and related subjects. She also works closely with Fiona Melarkey and has been part of the healing clinic for many years. Emma’s practice is in Derry.

Fiona Melarkey MVHF.SEMS™, MFSEM

Fiona is principal of the Fiona Melarkey School of Healing in Derry. She has worked for many years in the fields of complementary and subtle energy medicine and teaches healing and reflexology courses.

Jacquie Burgess BA Hons, Lic. MMH, ITEC

Jacquie Burgess is a VHF associate, healers and herbalist. She teaches meditation, ceremony, herb foraging and potion making. Jacquie is the author of Healing with Crystals and Crystals for Life.