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More on The Light in Ireland Project

The Light in Ireland Project has spanned over a decade of light work, beginning with the Rose Quartz day in 2007, followed by an Amethyst weekend in 2010, and culminating with the Clear Quartz weekend in 2018.

It has been an organic process, seeking to anchor harmony and assist in the evolution of all. Below, you will find additional information on the Clear quartz weekend and it's meaning and purpose. Following this, is historic information on the key stages of this project as it unfolded.

Why a Clear Quartz Weekend?

This Clear Quartz weekend is the last part of the Light in Ireland project.Like the previous parts of this project, the theme continues to be about helping to instigate and manifest profound positive change, in a way that is lasting and sets a foundation that can be built upon. For this particular weekend, however, participants will take a more active role, not just on the actual weekend but also afterwards.

By linking ourselves to our highest potential in line with our life-path and then creating and living our life in accordance with this, we not only allow positive change to filter into our lives but also allow it to flow into the world around us. If more folk would start doing this, the proverbial Utopia could well become a fairly instant reality, hence the reason for this project.

The world continually evolves, with new energies and ways of expressing these, coming into consciousness. Since the last ‘Light in Ireland’ weekend there has been a shift into new ways of expressing energy and it has become clear that we, as human beings must take more responsibility and not regard certain forces as separate from ourselves. This is why the Clear Quartz Weekend is being planned differently, in a way that has not yet been done or written about.

Clear Quartz Crystals

The main crystal that will be used is Clear Quartz. This will be sourced from different parts of the world, including Ireland, and all participants will receive one of these to work with and take home afterwards.

These Clear Quartz crystals will form the final network of this ‘Light in Ireland’ process and will also be linked to the other networks. Clear Quartz was chosen because of its versatility. It is very potent, highly energising and often used to amplify energies. It can also absorb, transmute, transmit, clear, drain, shape and focus energies in many possible ways. Being one of the most common crystals on this planet, it is found in all parts of the world and hence is highly suitable for the aims of the weekend. Its numerous properties ensure it is perfect for the transformative Light work that is all about integrating potent energies and moving forward. Please note it is not for those of a fragile disposition.

For me personally, this will be the culmination of the VHF Light work in Ireland, a process that will continue long into the future. New Healing and Light Schools are already forming in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The Fiona Melarkey School of Healing, based in Derry/Londonderry was one of the first to be established by a VHF graduate, Fiona. By 2018 there will hopefully be two more schools in the Republic of Ireland, that are able to continue teaching healing and inner development to a very high standard.

More Information on Facilitators and Venue

The facilitators are Julia Marafie, Gareth Thomas and myself. Gareth has his own healing school, Energy Medicine International, in the UK. He is of Welsh origin and a true Celt. His crystal work is exceptional and his mandalas are out of this world. Julia has been part of the entire ‘Light in Ireland’ process and there is more information about her later on in this article.

The venue is in Culdaff, a village situated in the most northern part of Ireland on the peninsula of Inishowen. It is a beautiful area, where there is already a diploma course taking place. Not far off is Malin’s Head, which is at the very top of Ireland and is well worth a visit due to the breath-taking views.

How Did the Light in Ireland Project Come About?

The first VHF diploma course in Northern Ireland began in 2004 in a spacious building named The Junction located in Bishop Street, in the centre of Derry/Londonderry. This building has been renamed ‘The Junction Community Relations and Peace Building Initiative’. It is in an old part of the city which may well have been an oak grove in ancient times, and hence considered a sacred place. Derry itself is known in Irish as Daire or Doire which means oak grove or oak wood. As you walk through the streets you can still sense this ancient energy, subtly underpinning the modern day history of the city.

Prior to facilitating the first diploma course in Derry/Londonderry, I had read about the turbulent history of the place. Although this was deeply respected, our work does seek to transcend politics, religion, belief systems, nationality, race and any other ways that human beings may differ from each other so it was not an issue.

The Junction was a lovely place to facilitate the course and Davy Hamilton, the Junction’s caretaker, looked after us beautifully, being there in the morning to let everyone in and staying until we left, making sure that everything was neat and tidy. He also often brought flowers and became very much a part of the whole process including the healing clinic that also took place in the Junction.

Well into the second year of the course, the healing clinic was opened with a number of students who were already skilled enough and hugely committed to the work. It also gave them the opportunity to practice more. It was supervised by a VHF graduate, later a colleague, who had previously trained in London and, upon his return to Derry/Londonderry, was instrumental in bringing the VHF Diploma course to Ireland. The clinic was well received and many of those who attended reported that they found it highly beneficial. The clinic was later on taken over by graduate healers and it is still going strong twelve years on. It is now called The Emerald Light Clinic.

At one stage, I remember having a conversation with Maureen Hetherington, the coordinator of the Junction, who by then had completed the first VHF diploma course. She had an idea about placing crystals in the wall surrounding the inner city, to promote the theme of peace and harmony.

We reflected upon this and came to the conclusion that it would be too problematic to carry out, since crystals must often be cleansed energetically. This need for ongoing maintenance, together with the installation of such a project, would be a highly complex and expensive undertaking. We also thought that a number of people might disagree with utilising extensive resources for this.

Maureen’s inspired idea, however, was the start of an undertaking that came to later be known as Light in Ireland.

Why Ireland

Looking back, Light in Ireland took on a life of its own. What began as an idea to promote peace and harmony using the tools of energy awareness, quickly transcended into anchoring light, not just in Ireland but for the whole of humanity with Ireland as a central focal point.

I believe that Ireland may have been chosen for this work due to the fact that so many of those who are Irish have an innate connection to nature, with an inherent awareness of the subtle energies that surround and infuse this, and indeed the framework of our earthly reality.

There is much folklore in Ireland; fairies and nature spirits form part of the fabric of the land and the culture; there are many legends about the different races that lived in Ireland in the mists of time and Ireland was an important Druidic Centre before the emergence of Christianity. The Druidic tradition included the study of herbs, plants and trees, healing, divination, time-travel, storytelling and shamanic work. It could take a student almost 30 years of training to reach full proficiency. The knowledge and experience that was orally passed down was extensive, and although much of it has now been ‘lost’, its energetic vibration is still soaked into the culture we find today.

There has indeed been much conflict in this beautiful country, and the suffering that ensues from long term hostilities, often opens both heart and mind to more than just the physical world. From experience, I have noticed that most Irish students have a natural ease with the study of healing and inner development. They seem to have an instinctive gift for this work and this could well be another reason why the Light Project is taking place in Ireland.

A colleague of mine believes that some people from fabled Atlantis emigrated to Ireland just before disaster struck, many thousands of years ago. She is convinced that these individuals may well have been linked to the legendary Tuatha De Danann who were thought to be a supernatural race in Ireland, well versed in magic. According to legend, the first king of Tara in Ireland was actually Enoch, who later became the Archangel Metatron. You cannot really get better than that!

How the VHF became Involved

The project which started out with Maureen’s idea, became (and still is) what is termed organic.

Initially, I was reluctant to facilitate this, not being of Irish origin. I believed someone of Irish decent should take the lead, since in my view, someone from another country, even a teacher of healing and inner development could not possibly understand, (other than in theory), what a lack of peace in Ireland truly means.

Having been born in Holland just after the Second World War, I do have a notion of the horrors and suffering that war creates. As very young children we were subjected to extremely graphic films in school, detailing the horrors of the war. This was to ensure, that as per our elders’ wishes, we would never forget. The bottom line is, however, that we did not suffer all of these things ourselves. And I do believe that if one facilitates something so momentous, one should come from a point of experience. Therefore, I did not feel ‘qualified’ for this first part of the Light Project – the Rose Quartz day.

In the end, synchronicity and circumstance coerced me into changing my mind, as though I could not absolve myself from responsibility. No matter our backgrounds we all need to take responsibility for promoting the idea of harmony, not just collectively but also in our everyday lives. Reflecting and meditating upon this, I now believe that I was just in the right place at the right time, with the right knowledge and practical experience of Light work. I feel both grateful and privileged that the VHF was, and is still, part of the Light work in Ireland.

Other Facilitators and Participants

Upon reflection, it is not by chance that I met those colleagues, who would later become an intrinsic part of the Light in Ireland process, quite a while before it all started. Upon our initial meetings, many years ago, we all seemed to recognise each other immediately. Perhaps this was a kinship from another time, and perhaps we were about to embark on something that may have been set in place a very long time ago. It certainly felt like it, as though it was always, ‘meant to be’.

Julia is the founder of the Foundational Studies in Sacred Wisdom school and, apart from being extremely skilled in astrology, sacred geometry and ceremony, is a fountain of knowledge in regard to the teachings of ancient wisdom.

Another facilitator found the appropriate venues and distributed quite a number of the Rose Quartz and Stone sculptures. This healer also facilitated voice work, chanting and over toning for the project.

Maureen’s work at the Junction has been and continues to be exceptional. In addition, she does important work with her crystal and storytelling workshops both in Ireland and abroad. Maureen was the one who designated where many of the mounted Rose Quartz crystals were to be placed.

Deirdre Gillespie, one of the healers of the Emerald Light Clinic, assisted and supported one of the facilitators in finding the first 13 stones. Getting these huge stones was a mammoth task, and took at least a year to complete.

Kate Fitz Patrick was instrumental in regard to allocating many of the Amethyst and Stone sculptures. Kate is also a practitioner of Irish Shamanism and a writer.

Some key facilitators preferred not to be mentioned by name for personal reasons.

There are too many healers to mention who participated in the first two events. Without them, the work would not have been possible because collectively they were able to channel a ‘high note’ of Light and also anchor this, not just through themselves but also into the world.

There were also many participants who were not healers or who had only experienced a few weekends of energy work. All of these, however, had a genuine interest to help with the process and were therefore no less important or effective than anyone else. Anyone who is committed to achieving a ‘higher way of being’ also aids the collective by doing so, and the more that do this, the better!

There are also a number of individuals and organisations who were chosen to be guardians of the crystals and stone sculptures, which, having been activated, will continue to do their work until the longed-for changes have been fully manifested. Looking after these crystals is important since they are all linked and form a network of Light.

All those who have been involved in these projects deserve a big thank you because ultimately they will have contributed to the emergence of more harmony and Light. And even if the world continues to be in turbulence, more and more are waking up to the fact that it is possible to create something more worthwhile and inclusive. Eventually, one day, we hope the scales can be tipped.

Preparing the Light in Ireland Weekends

It all began with the Rose Quartz day, which took only a few months to organise. The following Amethyst Weekend, took more than a year of intense preparation. The Clear Quartz Weekend will take around 18 months to lay the groundwork. The project itself has been ongoing for more than 14 years. If you have an interest in numerology, you may wish to look at the significance of these numbers. I have also included the venues and dates of the project, as the astrological significances may be of interest to some of you.

Light and Energy Work

A large number of participants at both the Rose Quartz and Amethyst & Stone days were fully trained healers and highly experienced in what we term Light work. It takes years of development and practice to be able to channel healing energies and Light to profound levels, since we can only channel according to our own energetic note. This is also one of the reasons why serious healer training is such a lengthy process. One needs time to transmute the inevitable personal shadows that emerge when working with such energies and as is well known, there is no royal road towards what is termed enlightenment. The more devious part of the ego often seems to feel very threatened when the Higher Self takes over and will look for any excuse to stay in charge.

Healer training, especially where tools such as crystals are used, takes around two years before a student can begin practicing professionally and responsibly. This is, however, just the beginning. Many VHF healers have opted to do a further two years in order to gain a specialist qualification, and following this, have also attended other postgraduate programmes.

All in all, four years of formal training and practice is deemed a minimum before being considered a specialist in energy work, and even then, we all recognise that the learning never stops. It is our view that subtle energy medicine will become an important part of the future, and although shorter courses are commendable for self-interest and learning, in order to establish the true value and respect this work merits, more in-depth knowledge and above all experience are of the essence to become an accomplished practitioner. The VHF has therefore created a 5-year formal programme and will ensure standards will be maintained and upgraded as time goes on.

Why Crystals

The main reason that so many crystals form part of this project is that the mineral kingdom is the first and foremost on this planet, and can also be deemed the element of earth. Together with the other elements, air, water and fire, it is the cornerstone upon which all other life is built.

The earth itself is partly crystalline, since the crust is almost entirely made up of minerals. One could argue that we are also partly crystalline since we have many crystalline substances as well as trace elements within our bodies. Crystals also play an inherent part in our daily lives. Not only do many of us wear jewellery or place crystals in our homes as decoration, but even the plaster in our walls contains crystals. Most modern technology utilizes crystals due to their highly uniform properties.

The mineral kingdom is also the most enduring one on this planet. Crystals and stones can exist for many millions of years and everything else is fleeting by comparison.

Crystals, apart from being the most orderly structure in nature, also have the ability to shape and focus energies which includes absorbing, holding and transmitting these. For this project it was desirous to transmit and ‘hold’ the energy of harmony, obviously very different to the energy of conflict, in a more enduring fashion rather than just for a brief moment.

It is true that when more Light is spread across the globe, energies of a lower vibration become exposed in order to be dealt with. This is, however, the only way that we can ultimately evolve. Fortunately, more and more folk these days, have an active understanding of this, and have already begun making the changes for themselves and for the whole of humanity.

An account of the Actual Stages of the Project - Two Historical Events

The Rose Quartz Day         7th July 2007         The Junction

Maureen’s initial idea of placing crystals in the city walls, evolved to one of obtaining larger crystals that could symbolise a quality of harmony for the whole of Ireland, and then be distributed throughout the country. Soon after this was decided, my wholesaler happened to receive a shipment of beautiful large Rose Quartz crystals. I was able to obtain twenty-two of these which were then shipped to Ireland. They were mounted on wooden, flat-topped pyramids, embossed and engraved with oak leaves. This was prepared by a highly accomplished craftsman and the result was spectacular.

By then I was still under the impression that my work was done, and others would facilitate this event. However, 3 months prior to the proposed event (7th July 2007), I discovered that no preparations for the actual day had been made, and I could feel a strong inner nudge to just, ‘get on with the job’!

The insights on how to go about this, began to flow in thick and fast. The first thing I did was ask Julia who is Irish as well as a VHF graduate, to lead part of the day. As mentioned before, she is extremely well versed in sacred ceremony which was to be an integral part of the day. Another colleague was going to lead the chanting and Maureen would introduce the day. The first team was finally set in place, and the day could now be properly planned out.

Finally, the day itself dawned. Healers and other participants arrived at the Junction, in the morning, and were given an introduction and explanation on what was being attempted. There was then a lengthy meditation to dedicate and activate the crystals, which were surrounding a large mandala, for their purpose. After this, there was an opportunity for profound healing, to help release and transmute personal and ancestral patterns of suffering into Light. This was very intense and I have the greatest respect for the participants who all came from a genuine point of letting go and forgiveness. This led into a lengthy ceremony, including sacred geometry and Irish chants to help establish balance and find a more enlightened way forward. The day finished with an Earth Healing and more chanting.

Later on, one of the crystals was presented to his Holiness the Dalai Llama and taken to India, another was taken to the United States, two are presently in the UK (with healing schools) and the rest were distributed to a number of healers and relevant organisations throughout the whole of Ireland.

Explaining the Crystal Mandala

Prior to the dedication of crystals, they were placed around a large mandala. A lot of thought had gone into the actual choice of crystals, the number of crystals and the mandala itself, which is why an explanation is included for those who are interested.

The twenty-two large Rose Quartz crystals were placed in a square in the room. In the centre of this square, twenty-two ordinary stones were placed in an equal armed cross, and finally an Emerald was placed in the very centre of this mandala.

22 is a master number of manifestation and is often called the master builder. This number can turn ideals into reality and it is potentially one of the most successful of numbers. It is unlimited, yet structured. It sees the archetype and brings it down in material form. 22 also makes up the number 4, which is the number of manifestation in the physical world. The square represents the world of matter and all of this was about anchoring Light and harmony in the world.

In the centre of the mandala there were 22 ordinary stones placed in an equal armed cross: 11 horizontal and 11 vertical stones. The number 11 represents the highest level of ‘Christ Consciousness’ within Humanity and the day was also about helping to start manifesting this on Earth. The equal armed cross also represents the four elements, the four directions, the balance between male and female and the heart centre.

Rose Quartz

Crystals all have their own unique vibrations that we can translate into certain qualities in order to describe these. The crystal Rose Quartz has a beautiful pink colour and it is a member of the Quartz Family, which is one of the most widespread minerals on this planet. Many people call it the ‘love’ stone and relate it to nurturing, compassion, harmony and similar qualities.

The colour pink is known to be a vibration that can help calm anger or similar emotional states and this colour also represents the feminine aspect of the heart. The key quality of this crystal is about harmony and the vibration is one that is strong, but fairly gentle in the way that most people feel comfortable with it.

Ordinary Stones

The ordinary stones placed in the centre of the mandala represented the actual foundations and the most fundamental energy of the land. Once can say that the mineral kingdom is the cornerstone of the physical world, from ordinary stones right through to beautiful crystals.


The Emerald crystal in the centre was also representative of Ireland itself. The inner geometry of Emerald is hexagonal which represents the 6 pointed star (as above so below) and this star is also symbolic of the heart centre. The colour green also represents the masculine aspect of the heart centre. The green ray of beauty and art, sometimes better known as the ray of harmony through conflict, is a ray that has much influenced Ireland. It is also known as the 4th ray.


The Amethyst & Stone Weekend         12th and 13th June 2010         Co Wicklow

Three years on and two further diploma courses later I received another nudge, which led to Julia, I and a few other colleagues (who did not want their names to be published), to begin work on the concept of another part of Light in Ireland. Most of the discussions took place in the evenings in a flat in London, Julia often stays in. The fact that Julia is an amazing cook and hostess probably also had something to do with this choice of venue!

This time the theme was about preparing the energy structure of the land to receive and hold the higher vibrations that are now being felt. It was decided to use large stones with an attached Amethyst prism (representing the 7th ray) to begin the process of manifesting these energies. This ray relates to manifestation and world order and is also about magic, either the type that benefits the whole or (unfortunately) the other kind. There is always a choice. Some say this ray is also about harmony and group consciousness. Its colour is Amethyst, and it is thought to be representative of a new way forward for humanity. Its presence has been around for a quite a while but embracing this energy and allowing it to truly filter down to earth can be quite difficult for an individual and also for the collective.

For those who are interested and would like to delve further, it may be of interest to look up the rays, of which there are seven. Currently, humanity has been moving from the 6th to the 7th ray. Knowledge about these rays is ancient indeed, and it is mainly the Theosophists that that have brought it to public knowledge in the West. At the end of this article there is more information about this 7th ray which Julia prepared following the weekend.

Preparing the weekend

One of the facilitators, at times accompanied by Deirdre, travelled across the whole of Ireland painstakingly collecting appropriate (and sometimes very large) stones from the land. There were 37 stones in all: 32 stones chosen from each county; 4 stones selected from each province and one central stone embodying the very centre of Ireland, Uishnach. It was a long and arduous task and I am sure that those involved could write a book about their experiences in searching for these, some of which were hilarious.

Amethyst prismatic crystals, suitable to be attached to the stones, were then carefully selected from a wholesaler near London, and finally it was left to Julia to actually attach these to the stones. She did this shortly before the start of the actual weekend, working late into the night on several occasions, to get it done on time. The result was spectacular and the stones with their Amethysts look like beautiful sculptures.

The large stones symbolise matter in its densest form; they hold the baseline energy of the land and at times may even shape the cultural experience of those who live upon it, acting as guardians. The Amethysts represent the higher Light, in the form of the 7th Ray that is now manifesting on earth. In addition to this, Amethyst has both a clearing and a protective energy, something that is very appropriate in letting go of and healing past patterns of distortion, anger, sadness and suffering that so often become part of the fabric of the land and also the human psyche, in places of ongoing conflict. The work was not just about helping bring Light into matter but also doing so in a way that would unite the whole of the country energetically, and of course have an impact on the collective as well.

The Weekend Itself

The venue was in a converted stable in the beautiful grounds of the Columban Sisters in Co. Wicklow. This was a perfect place for the second part of the Light Project, as most of the participants could stay there for the weekend, and the room in which we did the work was spacious enough to accommodate the large amount of stones and everyone involved.

The Saturday was about serving as a preparation for the following day. There was intense group work on clearing deep shadows of abuse, not only for the self but also for issues in the world. Everyone present worked on profound levels to release deep-seated issues that were appropriate. Most of the participants on this day were VHF graduates, students and some of their healer friends, and the intensity and harmony of the group work was incredible. The healings were all beautifully synchronised and of an outstanding calibre.

The Sunday was about linking everyone to the energies of the 7th ray and then starting to manifest these. This work was not only about helping bring Light into matter but also about doing this in a way that would be lasting. It consisted of in-depth healing, dedication and activation of the stones and crystals, and finished with an hour of high ceremony which was extremely intense and characterised the new energies with its structure and sense of order. The ceremony included a profound meditation leading to a group initiation and a number of invocational chants.

One of these was the chanting of the names of the four mythical centres from where the Tuatha De Danann came. Please see extract 2 at the end of these pages for more information. The chanting work was exceptionally resonant and harmonious; it sounded more like a trained choir than a group of healers. The day was concluded by recital of the Great Invocation in both Irish and English.

Another aim of this weekend had been to clear old patterns and establish new energies, leading to greater unity and vibrational unification for a country. It became apparent during the weekend, that this was only achievable due to this group of highly experienced healers who were able to hold and ground these incredible new Light energies, both individually and for the whole. This was not always easy during the weekend and much gratitude goes to all the participants for taking on this work so wholeheartedly and in such a spirit of forgiveness and healing. The experiences during this special day highlighted the way forward where emphasis will be placed more upon group consciousness, group endeavour and group creation, as opposed to individual efforts.

During the following year the stones were returned to the counties they came from and distributed to healers and appropriate healing centres.

Sometime later, in the summer, a final closing was offered at the very centre of Ireland at the Uisneach capstone. A smaller stone from that area that had formed part of the ceremony was returned and an Amethyst prism was placed on top of the capstone. Four Emeralds were buried in the earth in the shape of a square (a symbol relating to the world of matter) and also representing the four Elements and Ireland itself. Legend has it that the Goddess Eriu from which the name Ireland derives, was buried beneath this capstone. We have mentioned the four Elements several times and would like to reassure everyone that we did not forget the fifth Element. In our view that Element is represented by the Angelic and since the Angelic always forms part of Light work we did not feel the need to symbolise this with crystals.

Extract 1 from Julia’s booklet

The science of the 7 rays is a deeply esoteric teaching that comes from the ancient scriptures known as the Ageless Wisdom. These teaching were kept hidden behind the scenes until humanity could handle their higher vibrations which would have been energetically dangerous for much of humanity until this time.

The main teaching of the 7 rays state that when Divine Light of the ‘Absolute’ or ‘Source’ emanates outward, the Light divides first into three and then four, making seven different colours or streams of energy, just like looking through a prism. These are 7 evolutionary paths overseen by 7 planetary beings that guide humanity.

The 7 rays are cyclic, just like the zodiac signs and move in and out of influence in our evolution of consciousness. Everything in our solar system is influenced by these rays. They function through the signs of the zodiac, the planets, the chakra system of the planet and the chakra system of humanity. As human beings, each of our subtle bodies as well as our physical bodies are conditioned by a different ray energy.

We are told that the 6th ray of devotion, the blue ray, has now culminated in its importance and is very slowly being superseded by the new incoming ray, which is the 7th ray, the colour of purple and resonates with Amethyst. The purple ray of ‘Order out of Chaos’ and Sacred Ceremony. It takes hundreds of years to finally anchor. The 7th ray started this process approximately 400 years ago on this planet.

The 7th ray is by far the most important as it influences all the other cycles. It emanates from the constellation of Draco which is the dragon and is one of the symbols of Kundalini energy and it rules the base chakra. Its prime function is to bring ‘Spirit into Matter’ and to build a new civilization. Its influence will raise the vibrational level of every plane of existence. As the 7th ray stabilizes, there will be many great discoveries.

There will be the discovery of what death really is and we will finally be freed from the fear of it. There will be an acceptance of the soul and the subtle bodies, and the new medicine will fully accept this and work with it. Hospitals of the future will work in a Holistic manner using the knowledge of the subtle energies and treating the whole person. Humanity will discover and reconnect with the Angelic world. Group consciousness will become more and more important as humanity begins to realise the enormous power and amounts of Light that can be channelled through group participation in sacred ceremony.

Extract 2 from Julia’s booklet

The four jewels of the Shining Ones Tuatha De Danann

During the Stone & Amethyst ceremony, the names of the four mythical centres from where Legend tells the Tuatha De Danann came was chanted. It is said that they brought to Ireland four hallows or sacred gifts from the mythical centres or islands known as Murias, Falias, Gorias and Findias. Some people interpret this as the four elements.

Each of these centres was ruled over by a powerful Druid poet skilled in the magical arts.

From Falias came Morfess who brought the stone of Fal. The talking stone of truth.

From Gorias, Esras brought the spear of Lug, the invincible spear.

From Findias, Uiscias brought he magical sword. The answerer.

From Murias, Semias brought the cauldron Dagda. The container of plenty.

Julia’s school is called the Foundational Studies in Sacred Wisdom and she facilitates meditation classes and workshops on Ancient Wisdom and related subjects.

Prepared by Henriette Maasdijk

Edited 3rd Oct 16

© VHF, H Maasdijk

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