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Welcome to the Vibrational Healing Foundation

The Vibrational Healing Foundation has facilitated subtle energy medicine diploma courses, advanced inner development and related workshops in Ireland since 2004.


candle quartz crystal

The VHF offers a two year (part-time) diploma course in Subtle Energy Medicine (including Crystal and Energy Healing). Post graduate courses are also available, leading to a qualification as a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™. The VHF also offers a Teacher Training course for those who wish to teach workshops and courses in the field of healing and related subjects.

For more information on these courses and the VHF, please visit the courses section on the main VHF website. For course information specific to Ireland courses, please click here. You can also contact us for an overview of the diploma course. A student guide to healer training on the FSEM site, provides additional insights.

Light in Ireland Days

Apart from facilitating a number of diploma courses in Ireland, the VHF has headed three main important events. The first was the Rose Quartz day, designed to promote harmony on a large scale. The second was the Amethyst weekend, facilitated in order to clear old patterns and to prepare for the ushering in of higher energies. The third was the Clear Quartz weekend which aimed to anchor those higher energies wherever possible and appropriate. Read more...

For more information on VHF and it’s courses please click here. For booking details, please contact Henriette by filling in our contact form.